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Any business or organization, regardless of size, can benefit from a website. Double LL Designs will create a user friendly, easy to navigate website for your business/organization/personal use. At Double LL Designs we take as much pride in your website as you do. We design each website with its own personal touch. Double LL Web Designs will create a website for you using the information that you provide. We will not make decisions for you but will make decisions with you using your input and suggestions to create your website.

Websites are an efficient, effective and reasonably priced way to advertise. Having a website has become a necessary marketing tool in our day and age. It is a very economical way of advertising product and services while covering a vast marketing area. Your website is your introduction to many prospective customers. Using a website will offer your potential customers the ability to self navigate through your products and services which will provide useful information to the consumer and save you time. A good website keeps the viewer’s interest and allows the viewer to easily find the information being sought. A website should leave the viewer with a sense of confidence in the organization presented thus exhibiting credibility.

Double LL Designs will check if the desired domain name is available, set up the website hosting and start building.

For an hourly fee we will update and maintain your website on a regular basis so visitors will keep coming back. Millions of people connect to the Internet everyday to shop or research their next purchases. If you don't have a website you will fall behind the other business owners who actively advertise on the Internet.

Each website varies in the amount of pictures, pages and information one needs. Please contact us for a price quote.


Contact us for a consultation - no obligation.

Leila Thompson Flavell
Bulyea, SK Canada

306 725 4821


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